by Patricia Palumbo


Karina showing off her legs. Karina with her hair dyed yellow. Karina rolling the microphone's cable around her neck. Karina deconstructing herself, desacralizing women's role, on stage or not. Being 'well behaved' and maiden-like was never her thing. Can't women sing and play the drum? Let's start a band for that! With Comadre Florzinha, Karina and a bunch of other talents--restless girls singing and drumming not only in Pernambuco, but all over the world.      


Selvática is consistent with the path Karina has chosen for herself. In content and in form. One couldn't expect any less from someone who impressed Wanderlea while singing “Eu Menti Pra Você”. One of these marvelous lyrics that plays with words and confuses us. In this collection, Karina is refined. Don't stop reading, please!




“Selvática” comes from the Bible, and it's not by chance. It comes from when the serpent offers the forbidden fruit, giving birth to the original sin, woman is to blame. What the hell is this sin? This sick lie. No, it's not like that, Rita Lee sang. Karina sings the irritation. She sings nonconformity with the interpretation of a holy text that often leads women to death. She doesn't spare any weight. Her lyrics are as strong as her melody, filled with the heavy metal and punk rock that follows the message. Three other songs are as strong as bombs: “PicNic”, “Esôfago” and “Cerca de Prédio”. In the latter, she sings about the way our cities are occupied and destroyed in the name of greed. This is, indeed, sinful!      


“Dragão” opens the album leaving the message clear. This chick’s been around knows what she wants. But don't fool yourself, “Eu sou um Monstro” is going to set you straight. It won't let you get away, man or woman, watch out! “Conta Gotas” is as lyrical as Chão de Estrelas and the sorrow of Nassíria e Najaf. “Vela e Navalha” is beautiful, pure poetry, in lyric and melody, if you know what I mean. 


“Rimã” has a charming flow, the same that enchanted me in “Sonhando”, the first song I ever heard by Karina Buhr. “Alcunha de Ladrão” is a narrative with luxurious guitar by master Manoel Cordeiro. “Desperdiço-te-me” is a love song like those by Karina, of dreaming lyrics, of confusedly explaining. Adorable! “Selvatica” is a rock n' roll manifesto, with the furious and indispensable Elke  Maravilha  and Denise  Assunção. Slamming the album closed!


The band is sharp. Precise, powerful. These guys got together a while ago, during the first album tour, when Catatau and Edgard Scandurra played the guitars. With Guizado, Mau, Bruno Buarque, André Lima and Karina they form a dream team of studios on stage. The sonority is unique and unmistakable. A steaming stew of allusions, with diverse accents – including from Pernambuco. Now, let's play “Selvática”! Chew, swallow, eat it! Post-punk, post-tropicalist, post-everything-facing-the-lions-Karina. Sweet and ferocious, Karina Buhr is a healing wonder! Dig into the delicious fruit Selvática is offering!